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Analysis of the advantages and technical difficulties of diamond rope saw

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Ancient blasting mining, both serious destruction of environment, but also causes the waste of resources. The most extended mining for diamond wire saw mining Mountain.
As the diamond wire saw is homebred change. Diamond rope saw machine market competition became fierce. This phenomenon indicates that the or is represented
China stone material mine to popularize the use of diamond wire saw machine era has come, it will give China stone mining level bring revolutionary progress.
Application of wire saw for stone mining and the advantages of the traditional" blasting + flame cutting" mining method, with wire saw mining granite has the following advantages:
1with wide adaptability, wire saw is suitable for all types of mines, and flame cutting only for high quartz content, the less crack granite mine.
2strong function, high efficiency, first mining depth, can reach l0~ 20m even deeper, flame cutting generally only within 10m; secondly, cutting speed, a
Like can reach 3~ 4m2 / h, flame cutting of2~ 3 times.
3wire saw can be vertical, horizontal, inclined plane and so on each direction cutting, but also for the blind, and the flame cutting only vertical surface cutting.
4high yield, low comprehensive cost, first rope saw the plane is very smooth and will not cause any injury blocks, followed by a small, only about 11mm, not
Causes the waste of resources; and the flame cutting section of rough blocks, and caused some injuries, and a large, generally 100 ~300mm, caused a lot of resources
Waste, and production cost is high.
5safety and environmental protection, wire saw mining without noise and dust, does not affect the nearby residents and other work surface, and a high degree of automation, separation control, workers labor intensity
Low, high safety; and the flame cutting noise and dust are very large, serious impact on nearby residents and other workers, and big labor strength of workers, security relative
The lower. To sum up, in the increasingly scarce resources, soaring oil prices today, rope saw mining granite has a remarkable economic benefit and social benefit.
Diamond rope saw associated with multiple factors including: the saw cutting life of beaded, beaded, beaded sawing speed in wire saw, the spacing on the mold design, the normal work
As a case of wire rope life and various technical difficulties.
The most common problem 1rope saw cutting and use not the most commonly encountered is not correctly select the diamond ( often choose too good diamond ), carcass, beaded spacing
, mould design or wrong application parameters. For example, we selected the high diamond density or too good diamond, its sawing performance is not too good. Diamond will not
Fragile, and it is difficult to generate new sharp blade.
2saw rope saw rope breaks, usually using the wrong application parameters or saw rope is of poor quality, which means the plastic / rubber and diamond knot between
Not strong, cause debris into the diamond rope, soon magma or debris in the beaded steel body with steel rope portion is in contact with the friction between the steel wire rope, wire rope connection thread start
Fracture, which may also be due to a mistake by the binding agent. Breaking of the wire may also be due to wrong selection of steel wire rope, wire steel body, injection molding after heat treatment
The result.
3BEADS BEADED cutting layer from peeling and beaded steel body peeling off, generally select the carcass is improper, or using the wrong sintering parameters. Commonly used
Incorrect cold pressing process is also the spalling reason. Sometimes it may be due to improper dewaxing process, so that the metal matrix and beaded steel body into the paraffin. Sometimes the question
Problem is also associated with Beaded steel body related to improper cleaning.
4Beaded Beaded loose binding is not strong, binding is not strong, usually when injection molding produces the problem of signal. Selection of steel wire rope may also be inappropriate, or diamond
Beaded internal contamination, improper cleaning, this will cause the beads and the injection molding / injection rubber binding is not strong.