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n 2011, stone machinery manufacturing industry development focus

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 As the stone manufacturing company to constant innovation, continuous introduction of new products keeping up with current international stone industry development. Current, our country stone equipment manufacturing industry while facing some difficulties and pressure, but also should see the domestic, international market is broad, contain is worn tremendous development opportunity, as long as we adhere to the scientific outlook on development, do a good job in industry and product structure adjustment, focus on the use of national policy actively adjust the industrial structure and the marketing mode:
(1) stone industry should conform to China's" expanding domestic demand, to maintain growth " overall deploy, increase efforts to develop the domestic market, the consolidation of the eastern, central and western development, should not blindly expanded reproduction.
(2) use of imports to lower taxes and increasing the export tax rebate rate to national policy support, the implementation of international market diversification strategy, consolidate the Europe and the United States Japan and South Korea market, the development of emerging markets.
(3) the stone industry to adjust product structure, marketing model, the organizational structure of enterprises, each enterprise to be maintained between the benign competition, avoid unnecessary friction, learning the ceramic industry marketing idea and mode of integration of industries, walking road, build the aircraft carrier industry enterprises.
Therefore, in the international, domestic market to create their own brands, will innovate again brilliant.
We should according to stone products industry towards art, high quality, diversified development, the market of stone products shape, type, size and product accuracy of the increasingly high demand, demand is bigger and bigger, the stone manufacturing level and product types and can put forward higher request, no matter face the domestic market or international market, improve the stone product manufacturing level and core competitiveness is our country all stone manufacturing enterprises to solve the problem