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Stone machinery electrical safety analysis

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Stone machinery and safe use, can avoid the man-made damage to the machine as well as the personal safety of operation personnel injury, avoid the occurrence of major accidents.
The machine before use, should carefully read the manufacturer with instructions or operation manuals, to understand the machine performance and the correct methods, is beneficial to the construction work.
To ensure safety, avoid the power is in the wiring work.
Input power should be used in leakage protection device.
Line selection GB cable, according to the machine's power, the correct wiring.
Ensure that the cable insulation layer integrity.
Machine during operation, avoid construction water splashing into the motor and the electric box and an operation control part machine.
The machine during use, to ensure that the machine cable and machine head to maintain a certain distance, to avoid machine wire causing bodily harm.
The abnormal situation of the machine should be shut down and cut off the power supply.
The operator should wear insulated protective shoes.
Wiring terminal to ensure the firmness, ensures that the output voltage and the machine voltage.
In order to personal safety, please make sure that the correct ground, the zero line and the ground wire are two different concepts, ground potential to ground zero, zero line to ground potential is not necessarily zero.
Securing the abrasive and machine installation in place accurately, different abrasive to install a solid abrasive, prevent fly out, causing damage.
The machine adopts water mill, the machine is shutdown, should promptly turn off the water, to complete the work, the machine of residual water clean.
The machine long time in shutdown state, should be promptly cut off the power supply, ensure the machine malfunction causing damage.